More Than 100,000 Men Were Asked How Much They Would Spend To Go On A Date With The 'Perfect' Woman

What's your bid?

What makes the "perfect" woman? You'd think a nice personality, self-confidence and intelligence should make the list.


No. Apparently, it all comes down to THIS with a little bit of brains on the side.

Dating website did a survey where they asked more than 145,000 men to name the attributes they think a "perfect" woman should have.

Before we go any further, it needs to be specified that is a place where women actually get paid to go out with men. Their website features slogans like "Go on more dates by simply placing a bid" and "Name your price and go out tonight."

As DailyMail UK points out, the surveyed men were asked to "attach a financial figure to each quality" based on how much they would pay to go out with a woman like this. The result?

Blonde hair (+$59.31)

Blue eyes (+$54.92)

Slender body type (+$55.43)

Non-smoker (+$51.16)

Social drinker (+$49.67)

Graduate degree (+$59.90).

After all is tallied, it appears men are willing to spend $135.07 for a date with this real-life Stepford wife.


Ellen DeGeneres, who appears to be the embodiment of the perfect woman (blonde, slender, with not one but two blue eyes), perfectly summed up this superficial survey and offered some worthy advice on what to look for when seeking the "perfect" match. Watch her riff on it below.

We submit that perfection has no clear boundaries, nor is it universal. Surveys like this one, in which women are appraised like material objects on an auction block, are best stored in the circular file.

In the end, blue eyes and platinum hair won't get you through hard times like compassion, understanding and love will. 

(H/T: Upworthy, Cosmopolitan, DailyMail UK)

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