9 Surprising Benefits Of Skateboarding That Will Make You Want To Learn Now

Ride on, bro.

With people turning everything from airports to deserts into skate parks, it is clear skateboarding is everywhere. In addition to how cool it is, there are health and social benefits of skateboarding that people of all ages can enjoy.

Here are 9 perks that skateboarding can give you, whether you're a pro or a noob:


1. It can help you burn calories.

While it's not as efficient as burning calories through running (about 680 calories per hour at 6 miles per hour), skateboarding can still help you shed about 340 calories per hour, so it's worth adding it into your exercise routine.

2. It can help build muscles.

Doing tricks on a skateboard requires some physical skill, which in turn works several muscles, including the core muscles on your torso, your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and your lower legs. Why join a gym when you can just skateboard?

3. It can relieve stress.

Most physical activities are good at alleviating anxiety, but skateboarding can be especially powerful. Some patients use skateboarding as a replacement for traditional therapy counseling to reduce stress. Part of the reason that skateboarding works as a stress reliever is because it allows you to free your mind, and doing tricks builds confidence.

4. It might help with depression.

In 2012, a 21-year-old Canadian woman reported that skateboarding cured her depression. While there have been no formal studies on the issue, skateboarding does keep your mind busy, and riding out in the sun with the  breeze through your hair can't hurt either. 

5. The fashion is chic.

If you love dressing up in style, that is a good enough reason to pick up skateboarding. There is a strong connection between skateboarding and the fashion world. Models like Cara Delevigne, Daria Werby and Hanneli Mustaparta all sported skateboarding fashion on the runways.

6. It is great for children.

While a few parents might be hesitant to see their children do an ollie or a kickflip, skateboarding could make for a great activity for kids. In 2013, blogger and mother Eva Glettner wrote about how skateboarding taught her children about life and inclusion.

7. It might help at-risk children and those with medical conditions.

It turns out that skateboarding might be an important tool for helping children who need it the most. There is a program called Get on Board, which helps empower kids with autism through skateboarding. There is also an indoor skateboarding facility that is dedicated to helping children that are at-risk or have special needs with free programs. 

8. It can be a job perk.

You can add skateboarding to a list of benefits that jobs can provide. That's what Nemo Design in Oregon does when they rent out a skateboard park to their employees every week. Imagine skateboarding every week with your co-workers.

9. There are discounts available to seniors.

It seems that AARP is getting on the skateboarding bandwagon as well. They offer deep discounts on skateboarding goods and a new skate adventure travel guide to their members. For those awesome reasons, even your grandma should skateboard.

Cover image via Shutterstock /  Venice Beach Photos

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