The Moment This Woman's Travel Photo Turned Into A Surprise Proposal

"I was absolutely shocked when I turned around and he was down on one knee."

As much as Kayleigh Fahey, a nurse practitioner and wanderlust-er, loves her boyfriend, James Regatuso, she loves taking travel selfies with him nearly as much. 

While Regatuso pretended to photograph Fahey with her back to the camera in a forced-perspective picture holding up a bridge at Letchworth State Park in Castile, New York, he actually got down on one knee before telling her to turn around. 


"I was absolutely shocked when I turned around and he was down on one knee," Fahey told ABC News. "Never did I think it would end up being the most meaningful moment of our lives."

While the couple had just returned from a vacation in Bali, where many friends and family thought Regatuso would pop the question, he waited to have this meaningful moment in a place that was meaningful to the couple as well. "Letchworth State Park is our favorite [park] — we have a lot of history there," Regatuso explained to Yahoo Lifestyle

"We were driving up, and it was so cool, because we were reminiscing about our memories there since high school, like how 10 years ago we carved our initials in the tree," Fahey added. 

Over a decade ago, they were high school sweethearts who dated for three years before breaking up when Regatuso moved south for work. When he returned to their hometown Mount Morris two years ago, he got back in touch with Fahey. "He actually contacted me because he had a heart condition, and I had gone back to school to become a nurse practitioner in cardiology," she said. 

Soon enough, they'd rekindled their romantic relationship. While there had been the occasional talk of marriage, Fahey noted, "... James and I are both very career-driven, and we love to travel, so I can't say that we were ever feeling rushed, and it was totally unexpected when he did it."

Fahey posted the above video of the unexpected moment of candid love to her Instagram on November 12, where it has received more than 40,000 views. "There's been this overwhelming amount of love and support and congratulatory wishes that have come from so many different people," she told the publication. "It's made the experience that much better. We're obviously excited, but to have so many people excited for us is really, really cool."

After the picture-perfect proposal, the couple shared the good news with both of their families who, according to Regatuso, were all "crying" tears of joy for the newly engaged couple. 


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