Man Tries To Keep It Serious After Finding Out He's Gonna Be A Grandpa, But A Hidden Camera Tells All

Sick moves, pops!

Tony Johnson seems like a pretty serious fella, but that doesn't mean he can't get excited every once in a while. Now everyone knows he can thanks to a hidden camera that filmed his hilarious reaction to his daughter's pregnancy news.

Sarah and Justin Hall set up a hidden camera in a bedroom and put baby onesies and photos around a sign that said "Baby Hall 4.27.14." The grandparents-to-be, who have no idea what's to come, see the signs and are stunned. 

Sarah's mom Laura Johnson goes nuts almost instantly. Her dad Tony, on the other hand, is calm and collected — or so we think.  The hidden camera soon reveals the truth: He's ecstatic and literally twists and jumps for joy.

Just to make sure you know how to properly celebrate an impending grandchild we broke it down for you:


Step 1. Take in the surprise (which in this case, was the baby due date and photos on the wall), remain composed.

Step 2. Make sure the grandma-to-be and everyone else is out of site.

Step 3. Jump for joy!

Check out his epic moves in full below:

The Halls posted the video in 2013, but we discovered the little bundle of joy is a baby girl named Ava. Grandpa wasn't too thrilled about Justin posting his reaction for all to see, but we're sure he doesn't regret it one bit. 


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