Man Does Something Amazing For His Wife's Birthday With The Help Of Reddit

Asking for help leads to beautiful things.

Birthday gifts can be a brain-wreck for most, but not for Chicago-based photographer Ernst Berlin.


Ernst spent 2 months planning the perfect surprise for his wife's birthday: a portrait series of their 8-month-old son Jacob.

He decided to go on Reddit and ask random artists from all over the world to pick out a photo from a set of 40 and draw a portrait.

Each artist commissioned an original artwork making even the same pictures appear totally different.

Ernst chose 22 renderings of Jacob's photos, framed them and put them on their bedroom wall.

Grab a tissue and watch Agnes discover the portraits for the first time.


Head over to Ernst's Tumblr page to see the full list of commissioned portraits. Also, be sure to check out his website for Ernst's photographic work.

(H/T: Viralnova ; /r/redditgetsdrawn)

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