Dolphins Surfing The Australian Coast Is A Thing Of Beauty

Better than your average surf video.

In this incredible aerial footage shot by avid wildlife filmmakers Jennene and Dave Riggs, we see pods of bottlenose dolphins playfully surfing the waves.

According to the video description, the footage was captured on Dave's quadcopter off Esperance, along Western Australia's coastline. 


"Such intelligent and playful animals. We have a lot to learn from their lifestyle!!" it says in the description.

The dolphins seem to be having the best time in the crystal clear waters as they catch the waves, body surfing all along the coast. 

Kinda makes you want to get out there with a board yourself, doesn't it? 

Watch the full video here:

According to National Geographic, bottlenose dolphins travel in social groups, and can swim as fast as 18 miles per hour. 

No wonder they are having so much fun all the time. 

(H/T: Reddit


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