At 54 Years Old, This Fashion Icon Is Walking The NYFW Runway For The Very First Time

"I can't wait to walk in future shows."

At 54 Years Old, This Fashion Icon Is Walking The NYFW Runway For The Very First Time

Back in the 1990s, body positivity advocate and curvy model Supermodel Emme sat front row at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), never thinking that one day she'd walk the runway.

"[It] was a lovely position to be in the front row, but I wondered when will there be full-figured representation on the runway? And I'm not kidding you, I never thought I would be in that mix. Ever," Emme told A Plus, just a few days after walking in Chromat's Spring/Summer 2018 runway show at NYFW. This year, the show opened with transgender model and activist Leyna Bloom, and featured a diverse cast of models such as Jordyn Woods, Tierra Benton, and Sabina Karlsson

"I just didn't think that was going to be my thing," Emme added. But now, backstage and getting ready for the show with her 15-year-old daughter at her side, Emme, 54, recalled feeling like she was having a "bit of a moment."

And what a moment it was.

"I was really happy, I was like a kid, I was so excited ... [Karlsson] was looking back at me and she goes, 'Just remember this moment. Just keep having fun,'" Emme said, adding that all the models gave her a round of applause after she walked. 

Backstage, Emme said the energy was incredibly exuberant. Chromat described it as "pure joy" on Instagram along with a post of models dancing and celebrating. 

"This isn't fashion bullshit," Ben Ritter, a designer who works with Chromat, toldTOLD magazine. "What you're getting is the real deal. Being able to see yourself on the runway in someone that's beautiful, confident and showing skin and walking like they own the Earth when you, historically, haven't ever seen that … Chromat is here to show you that."


When asked how the industry has changed since the '90s — and where it still has to go — Emme said that there have been great strides with regards to diversifying editorial features, but there needs to be more.

"When we see things on such a regular basis that is a singular modality of beauty, we then believe that ... If we can see a diverse array of beauty, like a bouquet of beauty ... If society can see their own reflection or versions of that, I think everyone does better."

Emme also told us what she hopes her young daughter takes away from being at the show. 

"You really were a badass and you just owned your moment," she remembered hearing from her daughter. 

"Sometimes we walk away from amazing opportunities because fear gets in our way. And it's very, very hard to sometimes get out of the way. But when opportunity knocks, I think I showed her that you step into it with grace and you do your very best. Not everybody's going to be embracing the idea, the thought, the concept, the action that you do, but if you do your very best, and you step up into an opportunity ... "

" .... you've gotta just fake it 'til you make it — and that's where the juiciness of life is."

Finally, Emme commented on the fashion from the show, which designer Becca McCharen-Tran themed around the idea of serenity. 

"Through the beauty of the serenity of a woman's spirit, a woman's soul, no matter what is going on around her, she remains in this very calm, all-knowing space," Emme says, an idea that was reflected in the line through blue fabrics and denim. 

But this woman can also "rise up and have that firey-ignition to her life," so some pieces presented this concept as well.

We hope to continue seeing more shows like Chromat's on the runway, and Emme, who works with Iconic Focus modeling agency, hopes that this won't be her last. 

"I can't wait to walk in future shows."

Check out more from the show below.


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