These Two Iconic Superheroes Are Teaming Up During A Rare TV Crossover

Bad guys beware.

The Girl of Steel is about to meet the Fastest Man Alive.

CBS announced Wednesday that the CW network's The Flash will visit the stomping grounds of the CBS network's Supergirl.

It will mark the first meeting between these TV versions of the characters, with powerhouse Supergirl portrayed by Melissa Benoist …


… and Grant Gustin donning the Scarlet Speedster's trademark costume.

No word yet on how the two heroes will meet or what exactly the plot of the episode will be, but there is one clue that's popped up, courtesy of Gustin's Instagram account.

The Supergirl episode appears to be called "Worlds Finest," but, as noted by Comic Book Resources, there's no apostrophe in "Worlds." Bad grammar, you ask? Well, it could instead indicate a current plot from The Flash involving multiple realities will be at play, with Flash visiting the version of Earth where Supergirl resides. (It should be noted that Superman is mentioned and "seen" behind the scenes frequently on Supergirl, but has not been acknowledged in The Flash's continuity.)

The theory of Supergirl's world being an alternate reality to The Flash would make sense given that the two shows air on separate networks, and won't likely crossover as frequently as The Flash's does with its peers on the CW, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

And during this rare meeting, comic book fans may start geeking out at the possibility of a race between the two heroes to see who's the fastest — a switched-up incarnation of the classic rivalry between The Flash and Supergirl's cousin, the Man of Steel known better as ...

"Superman" Vol. 1, No. 199 (August 1967)

Could this pic support that theory?

The televised team-up will be broadcast during Supergirl on March 28, and comes just days after another massive onscreen DC Comics crossover: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25, and will feature the two titular characters along with a slew of other heroes that includes Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and a different actor portraying The Flash.

Are you excited for Supergirl and The Flash to meet on TV? Let us know in the comments.

(H/T: DC Comics)

Cover image: Instagram


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