This 'Supergirl' Star Wants You To Know That Mental Illness Doesn't Have To Be Your Kryptonite

“It’s so crucial to me to ... try to shed light on a cause that’s still sort of in the dark.”

One Supergirl star is using Mental Illness Awareness Week — a period meant to focus on educating and increasing awareness about these sorts of disorders — to tell a personal story and show people they aren't alone. Chris Wood, who plays Mon-El on the CW series, has launched I Don't Mind as a way to tell his story and so he can help destigmatize mental illness.


In his early 20s, Wood's father died as a result of undiagnosed mental illness. This, he notes, is something that affected everyone around him and that this initiative is meant to "help those who are struggling [and] to prevent stories like my father's from happening again."

The actor, now 29, teamed up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness — as well as the whole Supergirl cast — and is raising money (mostly through a two-week T-shirt sale on He will hand over 100 percent of the proceeds to NAMI.

"Not that I can ever look back and think it was a good thing that happened to my family, but I am just trying to turn something horrible into something positive for other people," Wood told TV Insider. "It's so crucial to me to really honor my father and try to shed light on a cause that's still sort of in the dark."

"I saw my dad as being a superhero," Wood added. "But now I am finding the truth that it's OK to admit when we're having problems and when we're not feeling right."

I Don't Mind will be offering information and resources such as hotlines as well as access to information about various mental illnesses and treatments. In addition to all of that, though, the goal is to get people excited about being a part of this movement.

"When you're going through it, sometimes you feel very alone and you're not, and that's the importance of I Don't Mind," he said. "It's really about saying, 'I don't mind speaking out about my problems. I don't mind admitting that I have a problem … and I'm here to support and not judge and hope that we can help make the world into a place it's more about acceptance and understanding for those living with mental health conditions.'"

Via Elite Daily, Wood also held an Instagram Live — with Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, joining in — to discuss the campaign:

Cover image via @christophrwood / Instagram


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