This $99 Smartphone-Powered Laptop Could Disrupt The Tech World

Power trip.

Mobile devices are such huge parts of our lives, we almost feel naked when we don't have them. The worst part about all of this technology is that it is incredibly expensive to keep up with the latest tech for smartphones and laptops. Thankfully, there is a Kickstarter campaign that will change the way we think of how we spend our money on tech by providing a laptop for only $99. 

The Superbook by Andronium Inc. is a laptop shell that only provides a battery, keyboard, and screen. All of the computing power comes from your Android smartphone, accessed by a USB cable. Because the actual computer is the phone, upgrading to a new phone is essentially the same as getting a new laptop as well. 

Smartphones are powerful computers, but sometimes you just need a bigger screen and actual keyboard. The Superbook's app converts all of the data and apps from the phone into a desktop format, making it easier than ever to use the internet or write a paper.



The campaign has been wildly successful, blowing past the initial $50,000 goal and drawing in over $1.5 million with over 9,500 backers, with two weeks left to go. It's a big improvement from the company's last Kickstarter campaign.

In 2015, Andromium launched a Kickstarter for a similar product that would allow a smartphone to power a desktop computer. Unfortunately, it failed to meet its $100,000 target. Shifting gears to work on a laptop, it seems, was the smart decision.

Of course, Andromium isn't the first company to come up with the idea of using a smartphone-powered laptop. In the summer of 2012, ClamCase promised a similar product to be ready by that holiday season, but it never came to light. Samsung had filed a patent application for a smartphone-run laptop in 2015, but has yet to make an official debut.

Could Superbook be the device to finally crack the code and make a laptop run by a smartphone a reality?

Check out their Kickstarter video here:

Want your own Superbook? Head on over to Kickstarter and support the campaign!

Cover image: Andronium


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