This Bearded Dragon Surprisingly Is One Of The Most Adorable Pets Ever

Come here for a hug, Pringle.

Meet Pringle. And nops, he's not a burrito.


He's actually a Bearded Dragon from Melbourne, Australia.

One damn good lookin' Bearded Dragon.

How comfy is that, Pringle?

Playing Pokemon and judging by his expression certainly winning.

Pringle taking his bike for a spin.

Om nom nom nom.

"Oh hey, they named potato chips after me."

Did't really like that cream.

"My beard is bigger than yours."

Dodging the ball.

Pringle goes shopping for groceries.

Let's get this party started.

Someone had one too many.

Spa time.

Have you been watching Hunger Games lately, Pringle?

"A cup of tea and some butter scones, please."

Say Cheeeeeeeeese.


Ho ho ho, getting ready for Christmas.

If you liked Pringle as much as we did, make sure to follow his Tumblr. Good laugh guaranteed.

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