11 Rules For Wearing A Suit That Will Make Every Man Look Hot

How to look awesome in a suit.

When Oscar Wilde said "a well-tied-tie is the first serious step in life," he wasn't kidding. Of all of the appearance tips that a gentleman should follow, wearing a suit might be the most classy thing. Yet many guys end up wearing a suit all wrong and need some guidance. Dobell just released an infographic on how to look good in a suit and we are adding a few serious pointers to the list.

Here are 11 suit-wearing tips that every guy must know in order to look sharp:


1. Different suit colors send different messages.

It's fine to have suits with different colors. However, different colors mean different things. For example, navy is a power color, earth tones are for building rapport and blue-gray hues signify loyalty.

2. If the jacket doesn't fit, you must acquit.

There is nothing more hideous than a suit jacket that is too big or small. A truly fitted suit jacket will have a collar that fits just below the collar of your shirt and the sleeves that meet past the wrist but before the shirt sleeve.

3. Invest in a vest that fits.

A vest is a great addition to a suit, if you know what you're doing. The correctly fitted vest will extend below the belt buckle and will not get bunched up. If you wear the wrong vest, it might look silly.

4. The trousers should be uniquely fitted.

There are two common mistakes that some men make that completely ruin the trousers and expose that they might not fit. Essentially, the trousers should not go beyond your shoes (otherwise you might step on them) and the seat of your trousers should fit your behind perfectly.

5. Putting a button on buttons.

There are one-button, two-button and three-button suits, and it's time that guys know the differences. One-button suits are hipper, two-button are and standard and three-button suits are elegant. With two-botton and three-button suits, the bottom button should be unbuttoned.

6. Tie sizes that should be universal.

While there are many different sizes for ties, the best ties match the width of the lapel. A tie width that is shorter or longer will stand out, unless that's what you want.

7. Bow ties are cool ... sometimes.

Bow ties are certainly in, but you have to wear them correctly. Guys should match the bow tie with their outfit so that it does not stand out. If you can do that, you can wear them for pretty much any occassion.

8. Be careful with tie colors.

It is great that ties come in multiple colors, but wearing the wrong tie at the wrong time is a no-no. The tie should be darker than the dress shirt and matched colors are not usually recommended, although there are exceptions.

9. The most important factor is the lapel.

There are three types of lapels: notch, peak and shawl. The lapel is the vital element that people notice and each lapel type is appropriate for different types of occasions.

10. Shoes that go with the occasion.

While some men just categorize their dress shoes by color, it seems that the style of the dress shoe is really the more important factor. Different examples include Oxford shoes (which can be worn for any occasion), loafers (which can be used for dressy or sporty occasions) and monk straps (which are for more dressy events).

11. The material makes the shoe.

Careful detailt to watch with dress shoes include the soles and lining. For a sharp image, soles should be stitched (not glued) to the bottom of the shoe and the lining should not be made of synthetic material.

(H/T: Dobell)

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