The Batmobile Chases The Joker In New 'Suicide Squad' Footage. That's Right, Batman Will Definitely Be In The Movie.

This Batmobile looks like nothing we’ve seen before.

"Suicide Squad" was already gearing up to be a huge summer success before these new videos hit the Web. Now that we have footage of the Batmobile chasing the Joker through the mean streets of Gotham, we can officially declare that this movie is going to be epic. The Batmobile looks like nothing we've ever seen before: A menacing black speedster with a sculpted body and, by the sound of it, a very loud engine.

Up until this footage was released, the only images we've seen of "Suicide Squad"— which isn't set to open until August 5, 2016 — were of Jared Leto's crazy-looking Joker. We weren't even certain Batman would show up in the film at all, until we saw the Batmobile tearing after the DC Universe's best known villain. (There's still the off-chance that Batman isn't driving his own car, but we think it's a pretty safe bet that Bruce Wayne will appear in the film.) The footage includes several angles, so you can see the scene play out from above as well as at street level.

If you can't wait over 14 months to see what Ben Affleck will do in the role, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" premieres a few months earlier, on March 25, 2016.


Here are four unofficial videos of the chase scene from "Suicide Squad."

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