Successful People Use These 7 Secrets To Defeat Failure And Thrive

Down, not out.

Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan all failed miserably at one point in their historic careers. But, like all successful people, they learned from their mistakes and eventually triumphed in the best ways.

Here are seven ways that successful people overcome failure:


1. Take a breather.

Sometimes the best thing to do after a failure is to relax. A short break will allow you to rest, clear your mind and then you can build up your creative energies soon again at completing the next task successfully.

2. Evaluate.

The old adage of "learning from your mistakes" is especially true. By taking some time to examine why a failure occurred, you will gain the insight to prevent the same failures from happening again.

3. Make changes.

Once a successful person determines how their previous setbacks occurred, the next logical step is to ensure that those same mistakes are avoided in the future so that success can become a reality.

4. Realize that failure is not the end, but rather a beginning.

Failure is as much a part of the process as success is. Experiencing a setback at one point or another is the norm for almost all successful people. The difference is that successful people use that setback as motivation by realizing that prosperity is within reach.

5. Remember, it is not who you are.

While it's appropriate to be frustrated after a failure, you shouldn't let it keep you down for long. Successful people realize that their previous failures do not define who they are. This motivates successful people to achieve great things.

6. Move on.

Dwelling on the past will always prevent you from moving on to a better future. Even when you least expect it, there are successful opportunities that are forthcoming. Successful people know that these opportunities are available, and that's why they move on from failures.

7. Don’t be afraid.

Fear of failing is what separates the successful people from everyone else. Successful people realize that there are always some risks, but they are never afraid of failing. They realize that failure can sometimes be a healthy part of the process on the road to prosperity.

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