Amazing Concert Unites Subway Musicians Into One Orchestra

Embracing the power of the internet!

Ever wonder why anyone would use the wi-fi hotspots in New York City subway stations? Do you really need to check your email while waiting for the C train?

No, you do not. 

But two filmmakers have found a good use for the MTA's recently implemented underground wi-fi.

Producer Anita Anthonj and director Chris Shimojima united musicians at nine different subway stops via the internet and beamed their performances to Bryant Park where composer Ljova led them in a rousing rendition of "Signal Strength," an original piece of music. 

With a cello, beatboxer, djembe, trumpet, guitar, saw, theremin, viola, bass and accordian, this is pretty much the coolest videochat ever. Ever!

Bravo! Encore!

(H/T: The Daily Dot)


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