When A Delay Made Him Late, This Graduate Celebrated His Big Day With Strangers On The Subway

"Everyone seemed to be in a brighter mood."

We've been hearing a lot of feel-good stories about graduation ceremonies in recent weeks, but one New York City graduate's inspiring commencement happened in an unlikely location — a subway car.

According to New York magazine, Jerich Alcantara was on his way with friends and family to receive his diploma from the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing at Hunter College, but their train was delayed. CNN reports that the emergency brake was pulled before the first stop, and it took nearly two hours for a rescue train to arrive.

It was obviously disappointing for the grad, but he was determined to celebrate, even if he couldn't make it to the official event. "It was starting to get to me a little bit, but I wanted to be positive because it's my graduation day," he told CNN.

So, with the help of his friends and fellow passengers, Alcantara had his ceremony right there on the train.


His friend had a speaker with him, so they played Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" while Alcantara, dressed in his cap and gown, received a makeshift diploma on a cellphone.

His fellow passengers cheered and recorded the ceremony. One Facebook video of the moment has received more than 13,000 shares. Many commenters took the opportunity to praise New Yorkers, with one writing, "This is a great representation of my city!"

Alcantara and his guests ended up getting to the Brookdale campus, but they were too late. He told New York magazine that his friends threw him his own graduation after the auditorium emptied. His subway ceremony, meanwhile, is sure to remain a heartwarming memory.

"I told them I appreciated them all coming and that it meant so much that they were there," Alcantara told CNN, adding, "Everyone seemed to be in a brighter mood."


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