14 Breathtaking Examples Of Paper Art Showcase Its Endless Possibilities

Prepare to have your socks knocked off.

Paper is beyond amazing! 

It comes in all sizes, colors, weights, textures, and it doesn't even matter that we live in an overly digitized world — not a day goes by without you touching at least some sort of paper product, either a metro card, cashier's check, or the latest Cosmopolitan magazine.

But if you only think of paper as a single white sheet that has your company's monthly report printed on it, think again. 

Because when put in the right pair of hands, paper can turn into breathtaking works of art, folded, cut, glued, and stitched together to make your jaws drop and eyes pop.

Check out these 14 examples created by paper artists from all around the world and get inspired to try it yourself.


1. Illuminated papercut light boxes by Hari&Deepi.

2. Life-size elephant and rhino folded from a single sheet of paper by Sipho Mabona.

3. Extremely detailed animal sculptures by Calvin Nicholls.

4. Jodi Harvey-Brown paper sculptures that make book pages come to life.

5. Quilled paper art by Sena Runa bursts with colors and patterns.

6. Jaw-dropping flexible paper sculptures by Li Hongbo.

7. Three-dimensional paper sculptures by Jen Stark.

8. Bursts of origami in public spaces by Mademoiselle Maurice.

9. Laser-cut Fabergé eggs by The Makerie Studio.

10. Skillfully tessellated origami masks by Joel Cooper.

11. Creative paper landscapes and silhouettes by Eiko Ojala.

12. Unbelievably detailed laser-cut paper mandalas by Eric Standley.

13. Realistic paper birds by Diana Beltran Herrera.

14. Lacy papercuts by Hina Aoyama.


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