This Principal Told Her Students Why She Would Be Missing School. This Is How They Responded.

Just perfect.

The senior students of Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire had nearly $8,000 in their treasury. This money was earmarked for a class trip to Rydin' Hi Ranch in New York to celebrate their graduation. But the seniors ended up finding a much better use for the funds. 

Their beloved principal, Courtney Vashaw, 37, had a tumor removed from her left arm in April but waited until the end of May to explain why she would be missing a considerable amount of school. She had been diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, an aggressive soft-tissue cancer.

In the days following the meeting, her students grew concerned for the principal they all adored.

"Every one of us has a connection with her," Chrisopher Sirois, the senior class president told WMUR News 9, "She's given so much to us that we just wanted to give back."

The class took a vote and unanimously decided to skip their trip and donate all of the money to their principal instead.

Vashaw described her gratitude to

"You plant the seeds and hope they flourish but you don't often get to see the fruits of that labor for a long time," she said. "It's pretty remarkable to see that something stuck. They're already doing remarkable things."


Watch Principal Vashaw’s sweet response to her students’ generosity — and some of the beautiful things these kids have to say about the extraordinary woman who clearly led by example.


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