High School Students Cleverly Distract Basketball Player During Free-Throw Shot

Very creative.

It is a time-honored tradition in basketball for home team fans to distract away players as they are shooting free-throws. Typically, those distractions include shouting words like "brick" or holding a funny sign.

But the students at Sheridan High School in Thorneville, Ohio know such overdone distractions aren't always effective. So, at a Wednesday night home game, the fans that sit behind the basket who call themselves the Red Regiment, created a new distraction that was beyond epic.

As a player from the away team was sent to the foul line to attempt an important free-throw, a Red Regiment fan, covered in a white sheet, pretended to go into labor, while another fan pulled out a "child." 


Yes — these students staged a mock childbirth at a basketball game.

And it worked! The away team player was psyched out and missed the shot. The Sheridan fans cheered loudly.

This was not the first time Sheridan fans successfully distracted a player. They previously conducted free-throw squats that worked. Now these high school students in Ohio are receiving similar national attention to the Monmouth University bench players, who also conducted funny off-the-court shenanigans.

Watch the full video:


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