22 Times Kids Rocked Writing Notes To Their Teachers

"Your bun is on fleek."

There's a special bond between a teacher and a student. They spend so much time together that kids don't just feel comfortable being who they are — they also become more eager to learn and to express themselves.

Sometimes that expression comes out in stunning artwork or beautiful essays for class, and sometimes it comes in the form of hilarious and adorable notes.  But we're not complaining. As we've always said here at A Plus, real success is found in the happiness that curiosity, creativity, and connection make possible, as opposed to perfect scores.

From the ones that are brutally honest to those that teachers will cherish forever, these notes are proof that our educators are making an impact and building relationships that could last a lifetime.

Check out the ones below that make this especially clear. 


1. The "it's the thought that counts" note.

2. The inspiration for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" note.

3. The TMI note.

4. The "age is nothing but a number" note.

I teach Kindergarten...this is my new favorite note from a student.

5. The wannabe Shakespeare note.

6. The guilty conscience note.

7. The note for the teacher who really likes Beyoncé.

8. The "we need a few more spelling lessons but it's still adorable" note.

9. The "someday your prince will come" note.

10. "You are the beast!"

11. The "brutally honest" note.

12. The "surprise inside" note.

13. The apology note.

14. The note that's riddled with words you just learned the meaning of.

15. The "let's be BFFs" note.

16. The "it's the little things" note.

17. The odd compliment note.

18. Again, same.

19. The note you don't show your coworker.

20. The "I'll take what I can get" note.

21. The note that humbles you.

22. And lastly, the note that makes it worth it.

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