This Student's Funny Reasons For Being Tardy Are Beyond Epic

Such dedication!

Being late for work or school can happen to anyone for any number of reasons. Earlier this year, a study concluded that personality traits might be the culprit behind people who are chronically late.

If being late once makes you tardy, then being late constantly requires some unique skills, as in the case of one grammar school student in New Zealand.

Imgur user Lazarevo recently posted an album showing the tardy notes compiled by Epsom Girls Grammar School student Stephanie Strock in 2011. She received 46 different late notes and she is proudly displaying all of them on her wall.


Here are all of her late notes.

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And here’s Stephanie with her late notes.

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For each tardy, Stephanie delivered a hilarious excuse that was written on the note. Some of the classic excuses included "I had first period pe do you blame me" or "there was a freak yachting accident" or "I spent my entire night writing tom delay fanfiction" or "my bed is more comfortable than your school will ever be."

There was even a clever haiku as an excuse.

Late late late late late

Late late late late late late late

Late late late late late.

Here’s another funny reason for lateness.

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Earlier this year, a dad penned several clever tardy notes for his children.


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