Teen's Amazing Generosity Would Have Gone Unnoticed If Not For This Mom

What a gentleman.

With Kinley Shufflebarger's third birthday approaching, she went shopping with her mother Megan.

As they strolled down the toy aisle, a doll with blonde hair immediately caught the attention of the two-year-old. Before she could say anything, a young man approached Kinley and her mother.

The young man asked Kinley what her favorite doll was.

"I really lub dis one," Kinley said as she pointed to the doll with blonde hair.

The young man laughed, grabbed the doll and left. Kinley wondered where her doll went, and her mother told her that there were no more dolls.

The man returned to Kinley with the doll and a receipt.


He handed the doll to Kinley as a present.

"I was speechless," her mother said to CBS News.

After the man left, her mother posted his photo to Facebook, with the hopes of giving him a true 'thank you' for his generosity.

She wrote on Facebook: "What a reminder to never loose faith in humanity and to be generous and pay it forward. To this generous young man, whoever you are, I hope you see this and more importantly, I hope you know what a good young man you are."

60,000 shares later, she located the young man.

He was Tario Fuller II, a freshman football player at nearby Purdue University. Fuller plays running back and is originally from Sugar Hill, Georgia.

Mrs. Shufflebarger thanked him for his kindness.

"This one act of kindness has likely generated thousands of smiles, softened many hearts and inspired others," she said to CBS News. "That in and of itself makes my heart full and happy. Maybe this will inspire and humble others to pay it forward more often."

Fuller also received numerous compliments on Twitter for his good deed.

(H/T: CBS News)


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