Dancer Duo Perfectly Captures The Timeline Of Every Serious Couple's Relationship

Love is not always pretty. But it's always worth fighting for.

When you think of two people in a serious relationship, big events come to mind, such as moving in together, buying a pet, getting engaged and, eventually, building a crib for the baby.

But there are also so many unsung moments that play an important role in developing every couple's love story: helping each other with everyday chores, finding time to surprise each other with small gifts, simply being there when the other person needs you ...

This and a lot more are perfectly captured in the latest dance video by Keone and Mari Madrid for the DanceOn Network.


In the three-minute dance video, Keone and Mari, who are husband and wife in real life, perfectly capture the timeline of a couple's relationship.

From the thrill of moving in together, to moments of misery when everything is falling apart, but your loved one is there to hold you ...

... to the times when you get on each other's nerves but make up immediately, because what's the point of fighting?

And lastly, to vindicating moments such as this that assure you — love is always worth the fight.

As the creative team behind DanceOn writes in its video description, Keone and Mari's emotional dance is meant to capture all the raw moments of love:

"Love is the ups and downs and the perfect imperfections, from the butterfly moments, simple gestures, everyday happiness and unforgettable occasions, to the challenges, breakthroughs and ultimately — commitment, family, and creation of home."

Watch the full video below and share thoughts on what love means to you:


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