When This Guy Saw Shelter Dogs Sleeping On Concrete Floors, There Was Only One Thing He Could Do

This is how you become man's best friend's best friend.


While volunteering at Janice R. Johnson Center for Animals in Deseret, Utah recently, YouTube personality Stuart Edge noticed something was missing. 

"I realized how sad a dog shelter can actually be because the dogs have to sleep on the concrete floor, and they just don't have the best situation to live in," he said in a YouTube video. "It was something you could see just by looking at the dogs and seeing how sad some of them looked in their eyes." 

After volunteering, he asked the shelter if they needed any types of donations, and they did: dog beds. 

Edge, with the help of some human friends, bought dozens and donated them to some deserving — and adorably thankful — furry friends.

"It wasn't until I started editing this video that I could really see the impact that our visit had on those animals," Edge continued in the video. 

"There is something amazing about just putting goodness into the world," he concluded. "And it will really impact your happiness, as well as the happiness of those around you."

Since the video of Edge's dog shelter experience posted in July, it has garnered over 700,000 views and countless positive comments thanking Edge for his act of kindness. Some even said they were inspired to do similar acts of kindness whenever they could.  


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