Watch This Striking Commercial Ask How You Want To Live Your Final 10 Years

The healthy road starts early.

When you're young, the feeling of invincibility comes naturally. You can eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, smoke whatever you want and do whatever you want pretty much devoid of any immediate negative consequences. As most people at different points further along the spectrum of chipped-away invincibility will remind you, though, it doesn't last forever. Early "harmless" habits relating to diet, alcohol/drug intake and exercise can have disastrous long-term effects on health. Even with this knowledge, though, it's still pretty far from any young person's mind how the last years of their life will play out.

The Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation wants that to change and it has for a while now. In a commercial that to date has picked up more than 2.6 million views, it portrays a simple but striking storyline of the same old man living two very different lives.


It starts with two views through a window side by side.

That gives way to the man as he stands up in two very different levels of health.

You can easily guess what kinds of wheels these are.

The contrast only gets stronger from there.

Tie vs. breathing tube.

Granddaughter assist vs. assisted living.

Two very different kisses.

Watch the full video below, then learn how you can assess your health risks:

Go here to do a quick risk assessment and start living healthier immediately.

(H/T: Reddit)


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