These New Yorkers Told Us How Their Outward Style Reflects Their Inner Selves

“I feel like fashion identifies your mood. It identifies who you are.”

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Fashion is a powerful tool that can be used in so many different ways. It can be used to express your feelings, your gender identity, your status, your beliefs. It can be used to make a bold statement, or as a way to blend in and hide. 

To find out more about how people choose to use their fashion, we spoke with 16 New Yorkers about their clothes. Each person we spoke to had unique reasons for choosing a certain style or aesthetic, but everyone shared the sentiment that their fashion choices are a clear expression of their inner selves. 

See what people had to say: 



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"I like to have fun with it. And I really wear things that reflect my mood, which change according to the day, and makes me feel like I can interact with the world a little bit more easily."



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"I feel like fashion identifies your mood. It identifies who you are ... I feel like we are all different, but at the same time, as a human race, we are all the same if you really look at it. So, in a weird way, fashion really identifies and it separates you from the bunch. It helps you identify who you are, too"



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"I don't try to be inspired by mainstream, so anything I feel like looks good, even though people don't think it looks good, is just my style."



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"Fashion is kind of an identity for me. I always loved fashion because of my mom. She always pushed it on me."



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"I come from a world of fashion, I've always been in retail. Just recently I've switched over to art, so it's very new. But I don't like being in a suit, I don't like giving off that stuffy feel, so anything that's dress casual that can express the fact that I'm approachable and accessible to everyone is how I like to dress." 



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"I think fashion is just a combination of how I feel when I wake up, the weather, and how I want to express myself. How I feel. I like people to perceive me as being the brightest, biggest me I can."



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"I used to be into bright colors and something that's a bit more avant-garde. But literally a year ago I changed my whole closet, sold everything off, and went back to like sweatshirts, and all black." 



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"I use fashion as a way of not having to explain to other people how I feel, and just showing it."



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"I've always kind of been a little bit weird. I'm an Aquarius, so I think one of our things is kind of like being as out there as possible ... I think it's really important to be your own person, and I think someone's sense of style is kind  a big indicator of their personality right off the bat. So I always want to be welcoming."



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"I like to be casual. I don't want it to be like I tried too much. I feel like the more you try, then the more you doubt yourself. I think that the first thing you really want is how you really feel."



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"I pretty much put everything that flows with my vibe, every day. I like long things, and crazy hats. I'm a Burner. I do Burning Man a lot."



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"I love fashion because I feel like it's a really good antidepressant. It makes you feel good."



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"The whole point is just to be free and to not care what people say. Just enjoy the nature, and connect that with your fashion."



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"I really love to find unique items of clothing that aren't from chain stores. That's an important part of who I am, that I value the parts of my personality that's unique and my own confidence in that."



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"Be brave, be yourself, be bold. Don't be afraid to mix and match. Green can go with orange, orange can go with blue. Just be you." 



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"Whatever is most comfortable. I just wear what [I] feel like when I get up in the morning."



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