An Anonymous Street Artist Is Changing The Lives Of The Homeless With Thought-Provoking Art

A different kind of movement to help the needy.

He or she goes by Skidrobot on Instagram, but the person behind the account is very much human — and a compassionate one at that.

Every couple of days since last November, the street artist has drawn images surrounding the homeless people of Los Angeles, California.


The art began as thought bubbles above the homeless' heads, showing dreams of beds, a home and money.

But the drawings soon became serene landscapes.

And then homes and bedrooms.

Not only does the artist or artists use their work to send a very clear message: The homeless are people, and they need help. But they also give them food to eat.

"We came back to hook him up with some #water #chickfila and some new #decor," he wrote of a homeless man they call Birdman, who has a drawn bedroom, with the sun shining through the window and an alarm clock.

"The last time #birdman had #lobster was over 25 years ago at a #sizzler. The #joy he had when we showed up with one along with a #baked#potato was #grand. It's not much but it's somethin"

Sometimes, the talented Robin Hood-esque artist gives them other things.

"Ben was released from the #hospital with no #shoes. He was unable to walk as a result of being shot in the back and eventually the hospital booted him on the #street like so many others. I offered him a #meal but he declined, instead he asked for #paper#pencils#pens so that he can #write and #draw. He said he really liked the #art and use to draw himself I had a #sketchbook that was fairly new and a few pens and markers I was able to give him on the spot along with a lil #money so he can eat later...#helpthepoor#feedtheneedy#savehumanity#skidrobot #grimey#dtla#losangeles#streetart"

As of last year, 58,423 homeless people live on the streets of LA, and Skidrobot's message is begging to be heard.

Or in his case, seen.


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