People Share The Last New Thing They've Learned To Prove That It's Never Too Late To Start

What would your answer be?

Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe when he was 59 years old. Henry Heimlich developed his emergency maneuver at the age of 54. Teiichi Igarashi climbed Mount Fuji right before turning 100. Then he did it again.

These are just a few famous names that prove there's no age limit to unlocking your full potential.

And sure, embarking on spontaneous endeavors or delving into new hobbies is much more frightening at an older age than when you're a twentysomething. Not just because you have more things to lose and people count on you to make informed, adult decisions. There's a fear of failure as well. Self-doubt can stop us from moving forward, upward, wherever — and it means we get stuck in the same place.


But it's never too late to shake it off and these people prove it.

When we first took to the streets of New York with our whiteboard and our camera, all of the people we photographed were strangers to us — random individuals from all over the world and all walks of life. We asked them one simple question: "What is the last new thing you learned?"

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Though their responses varied, everyone had one thing in common — self-doubt wasn't a part of their routine. It doesn't have to be a part of yours, either.

Check out their answers below and get inspired to throw any remaining bits of self-doubt out the window.

Soraya, 32, recently decided that really taking in and experiencing life is more her style than just snapping photos of it.

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Rudolph, 55, has taken it upon himself to study a new language. (He went with English.)

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Abi, 20, learned to have confidence in herself no matter what life sends her way.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Megan, 31, recently learned to say "I love you" in German to keep up with her boyfriend who knows seven languages.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Jake, 30, discovered that it's never too late to step outside of your comfort zone.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Jill, 28, is learning to take care of two new and adorable puppies.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Birame, 60, is attending a 4-year college to improve his English skills.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Nikite, 22, realized she can exceed even her own expectations.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Jeff, 63, has been exploring food halls around the world by bike. After several years, Jeff says he realized that meal quality matters more in restaurants than flashy atmospheres.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

Jessee, 20, taught herself to navigate around New York after spending only 24 hours in the city.

Jacob Jurewicz | A Plus

So whether you’re worried about taking a hard class or taking a big leap — breathe easy. You’ve got this, and the second step is always easier than the first.

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