They Tested The Notion That Skin-To-Skin Contact Reduces Stress By Asking Naked Strangers To Touch

"So hey, we're supposed to get snow today, too."

Would you feel comfortable touching your skin to a stranger's body?

In a new video for Cut, participants are asked to take off their shirts and hold each other skin-to-skin. At the start of the video, Cut emphasizes the fact that "scientific studies show human touch reduces stress and makes people feel more trusting toward others." 

In fact, Psychology Today suggests there are at least eight reasons why humans in a digital age benefit from skin-to-skin contact. Some of those reasons include the fact that it can decrease violent tendencies, help your immune system, encourage greater learning engagement, and build stronger team dynamics. 

To test if such touching would actually put them at ease, participants began by taking off their tops. 

"So hey, we're supposed to get snow today, too," one person says to another while holding a prom pose. 

Though things may have started off a bit awkward,  it became clear that bonds were beginning to develop between the pairs as the video continued. They began opening up to each other through conversation and, by the end, one woman even described her experience with the other person as "intimate." 

"You definitely break down those barriers of like, awkwardness, faster, 'cause you kinda have to," another said.



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