Strangers Overheard A Teacher Talking On A Plane. Then They Reached For Their Wallets.

After talking with a fellow passenger on a plane, this teacher received an unlikely surprise.

Kimberly Bermudez, a Chicago schoolteacher, was on a flight to Florida to visit her parents when one stranger's act of kindness turned into a ripple of generosity.  

While on the Southwest flight, she made small talk with her seatmate. She shared with him that she was a first-grade teacher about to embark on her third year of teaching.

Bermudez, 27,  explained that several of her students at Carlos Fuentes Elementary come from low-income immigrant families. Bermudez's seatmate noted that his company donates to schools in need. 

She was immediately overcome with joy, but this wasn't the end of her lucky day.


Kimberly Bermudez with her students. Credit: Courtesy of Acero Schools

Moments later, a man sitting behind her tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around, and to her surprise, the gentleman handed her a stack of cash and told her to do something "amazing" with the funds. 

"I was confused at first and didn't really know what was going on," she told A Plus. "When I realized I was given the money, I was in complete shock. It was very moving and I got emotional, I couldn't believe how a complete stranger wanted to help my students."

Once the plane landed in Jacksonville, another passenger handed her $20. Another man in front of her said he didn't have much cash, but gave her a $10 bill. She said cried tears of joy on the plane. 

Once she counted the money in private, she realized the first man gave her $500 in cash. Altogether she had $530 to invest in her students.

"I want to use it for supplies such as dual language take home books," Bermudez told A Plus. "I also would want to use any donations we receive to help offset costs of afterschool programming, and my dream and my school's dream would be to get a playground for the kids."

She posted her story on Facebook and received a mass outpouring of support. 

"Some parents have reached out and told me they saw the story. I can't wait for the school year to start to tell my students!" she said.

Cover image via Yuri2010 / Shutterstock.


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