Strangers Guess What The Other Looks Like Based On Occupation, Proving Assumptions Are Often Wrong

“Don’t assume, because you never know.”

As much as we try not to judge a book by its cover, sometimes it happens. With a long history of social constructs and "norms" we've been force-fed, it can take a conscious effort to broaden our view of the world.  

In an effort to make people face their own judgements and stereotypes, YouTube channel SoulPancake created their Reverse Assumptions series in which two strangers sit back-to-back and guess what the other looks like based on a conversation. In the past, the series has proven that unlikely people can have more in common than they think, and that even a 67-year-old man can be a rap star

In the latest installment, two pairs of strangers have a blind conversation to try to guess what the other looks like based on their occupation. 


"I am a truck driver," participant Khrista told her partner Jhanelle in their back-to-back conversation. "I drive big rigs. I love it because I'm by myself all day, and I get to do what I want to do."  When the time came to guess what  her partner looked like, Jhanelle, who is an entertainment professional, admitted her assumption would be based on Khrista's job.

"I feel like truck drivers are kind of a niche," Jhanelle said. "And, you know, on TV, they're always wearing plaid. So I'm going to say you're wearing plaid." She also guessed she may be Southern and wearing boots. To her surprise, Khrista was not Southern or wearing plaid or boots. In fact, the truck driver, who turned out to be a Los Angeles native, was wearing heels and a trendy ensemble. Of course, the ladies had a good laugh about this. 

"Don't assume because you never know," Khrista laughed. 

It goes to show you can never truly judges someone by what they do for a living. We are all much more than our jobs, our locations, our appearances, or any other external factor in life. Just as we understand ourselves to be complex human beings with varying interests and talents, we should also look at others the same.


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