These People Were Challenged To Guess Which Strangers Were Couples, And The Results Show What Love Really Looks Like

No matter what shape or form love takes, it's always beautiful.

They say, "Never judge a book by its cover."

That old adage was put to the test, not once but 10 times in a recent social experiment for WatchCut Video. Five participants were challenged to pair up 10 strangers to figure out which ones were real-life couples. 

The participants were allowed to ask pre-approved questions, analyzed body language, and do whatever else they thought might help them make the proper matches.  


They quickly discovered finding true love — even when it wasn't for themselves —  is no simple task ...

And, unfortunately, not a terribly successful one, either. Of the five real-life couples, only one consistently emerged as the participants' correct choice. In fact, the highest number of correctly-chosen couples was two. 

While the results may have surprised the participants and challenged their assumptions of others, the experiment proved — more than anything else — that no matter what shape or form love takes, it's always beautiful. 


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