'Stranger Things' Boys And James Corden Perform Motown Medley — And Totally Kill It

Their band is called "The Upside Downs."


If you're a fan of The Late Late Show host James Corden, you probably know he's in love with boy bands. On the show last night, he revealed that he and the Stranger Things boys —Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp — used to play in a Motown supergroup before they made it big. 

In a Behind the Music-style documentary sketch, the boys and Corden explained how their band, The Upside Downs, got together and why they later broke up. 

"Some people thought it was weird that James hung out with us because he's an adult, but we actually went to school with him," Wolfhard said. "You know, he was held back a couple of years, but we were in the same grade."

"The boys and I, we have so much in common. We love playing video games, we all like taking naps, most importantly, we all love Motown," Corden said. "We sold out a retirement home for old folks and we killed. We killed, literally."

The boys ended up auditioning for their parts on Stranger Things while Corden tried out for the part of Eleven. When he didn't make it, he ended up doing the very thing he hoped he wouldn't: wearing a suit and sitting behind a desk.

Luckily, the band decided to get back together for a reunion show. They sang an epic musical medley of classic hits, like "I'll Be There" from The Four Tops, "My Girl" from The Temptations, and "I Want You Back" from The Jackson 5.

Check out their fantastic performance in the video above. 


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