'Stranger Things' Stars Support Kid When Friends Bail On His Awesome Themed Birthday Party

"You can let them all know that everyone on behalf on Stranger things would’ve come!"

Being stood up at your birthday party can be pretty disappointing. Luckily, this young boy had his family, the internet, and cast members of Stranger Things to rally behind him this year. 


On Sunday, Ayen Alambat shared photos from her little brother Aaron's birthday party on Twitter. "My brother invited 8 of his classmates for his Stranger Things themed bday party & none of their punk selves showed up," she wrote. The photos show that the boy's family went all out on party decorations, including an expertly decorated Stranger Things cake, some "Demogorgon blood" to wash it down with, and colorful string lights just like Joyce Byers'. Not to mention the platters and platters of food. 

Aaron's classmates may not have shown up, but he did get to celebrate with his family. Plus, tons of people on Twitter shared messages of support and wished him a happy birthday. His sister's tweet has been shared nearly 52,000 times and has more than 236,000 likes. 

The tweet even caught the attention of "Stranger Things" stars Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo. Both asked for an invite to next year's party.

How's that for a silver lining? 

Cover image via CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com


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