Your Favorite 'Stranger Things' Duo Answers The Questions You Have About The Show And Themselves

"Is 'Stranger Things' based on a true story?"

Season 2 of Netflix's sci-fi hit Stranger Things gave fans another reason to appreciate Steve Harrington other than for his hair. The character surprisingly took on the role of a protective babysitter — and the internet really loves him for it. The best part of it all is that Steve takes Dustin Henderson under his wing and the two form a delightfully unexpected bromance. 

Joe Keery, who plays Steve, and Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, are actually close friends in real-life. So, they're happily giving people what they want, which is more of two of them together. Recently, Keery and Matarazzo participated in Wired's Autocomplete Interview, and answered questions about both Stranger Things and themselves. 


The Autocomplete Interview works like this: Google fill-ins what it thinks you're trying to search based on what the most popular searches are. The Wired team types in words like "does," and "is," followed by the celebrity they're interviewing and compiles a list of the auto-filled questions that pop up for them to answer. This time around, they searched questions about Stranger Things as well as ones about Keery and Matarazzo. 

The first question? "Is Stranger Things based on a true story?" 

"It's based on a place in Montauk, N.Y., called Camp Hero," Matarazzo said. "There was, like, rumors of secret government spies doing human experiments to fight in the Cold War. That's exactly what's happening in Stranger Things. So, it's based on that one government lab."

Other great questions included "Is Stranger Things inspired by It?" "Is Joe Keery pregnant?" and "Is Gaten Matarazzo kissing?" 

Check out Keery and Matarazzo's answers to these and many other questions in the video below:


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