'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour Grants Another Fan's Wish By Agreeing To Officiate Her Wedding

With the caveat that he gets the first slice of cake.

You know David Harbour, aka Hawkins' Chief Jim Hopper on "Stranger Things," right?


Well, not only is he a wonderful human on the show, but he also seems to be a wonderful human on social media.

Earlier this week, he made headlines for joining a teenage fan in her senior school photos. The high schooler contacted Harbour on Twitter last October asking how many retweets she'd need to get for him to pose with her. The actor responded with the number 25,000, and told her he wanted to wear the school sweatshirt and hold a trombone in the photos if she successfully got the retweets.

Well, she did. 

Now, he's granting another fan's wish. But this time, it's a marriage proposal.

On Monday night, a fan — likely inspired by the senior photos story — asked Harbour to attend her wedding in September. She wanted to know how many retweets she'd have to get for him to be the officiant.

Harbour decided 125,000 retweets was the magic number, but he had caveats this time around, too. No sweatshirt or trombone this time, but he does want to "read an esteemed love letter" of his choosing. "And after the cake is officially cut, I get the very first piece," he tweeted. "I will allow the smearing of it on each other's faces, licking icing off fingers and all other bride and groom cake shenanigans, but the actual first whole piece is mine, dammit." 

In addition, the wedding date could not, of course, conflict with season 3 of Stranger Things' shooting schedule. If the fan was able to get 125,000 retweets, Harbour promised to get ordained and perform the ceremony.

And, because the internet can sometimes be a nice place where people help each other out, the fan got them. Harbour's tweet about the ceremony has more than 136,000 retweets and the fan's original tweet has more than 97,000.

"Dammit. Not even 24 hours. You're kidding me," Harbour wrote on Twitter. "I'm making it seriously hard next time, internet, this is not over between us..."

The most hilarious part about all this might just be that Harbour was the fan's second choice at a celebrity wedding guest. She tweeted weeks prior about trying to get Ed Sheeran to attend her nuptials.  

Cover image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com


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