Guy Performs Sweetest Random Act Of Kindness By Spending $1,300 On Ice Cream For Strangers

He also gave each worker a $100 tip.

Ice cream is pretty good as is, but it's even better when a stranger gets it for you, just because. 

That's the experience tons of customers had when they walked into a local ice cream shop called Sweet Sammies in Fort Worth, Texas. A man known as "Mr. Gary" walked in, purchased a bottle of water, and asked for his parking to be validated. Street parking near Sweet Sammies costs $20 unless a store validates the driver's parking ticket. The staff at Sweet Sammies validated his parking without hesitation, and Mr. Gary appreciated their generosity so much, he decided to pay it forward. 

Instead of leaving the ice cream shop, he spent the next three hours purchasing ice cream for every patron who walked in the door.  

Mr. Gary had initially told the Sweet Sammies staff that he'd stop after spending $100, but he ended up staying until closing. By the time he actually left, his receipt was 7 feet long and he'd racked up $1,300. He also gave each of the ice cream shop's employees a $100 tip. 

Now how sweet is that?

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