13 Incredibly Strange Pillows That People Have Actually Gone To Bed With

No. 5 looks exceptionally comfortable, though.

It seems like everywhere we turn, we're constantly being bombarded with the importance and health benefits of getting enough sleep. So, naturally, we should do whatever we can to make our beds as alluring as possible. Splurge on that mattress topper. Buy new sheets. Find a weird-a** novelty pillow. 

From pillows you can practice your kissing techniques on (actually, that one might help you procrastinate sleep) to blood splatter pillows that won't actually convince anyone you're dead, we've rounded up some of the weirdest pillows you can buy on the Internet. 

Check out these creative items below: 


1. Hoodie Pillow

2. Snuggle Pillow

3. Makeout Practice Pillow

4. Blood Splatter Pillow

5. Shark Body Pillow/Sleeping Bag

6. Lap Pillow

7. Ostrich Pillow

8. Pancake Pillow

9. New York City Sewer Pillow

10. Hundred Dollars Stacks Pillow

11. Brick Wall Pillow

12. Rock Pillows

13. Log Pillow


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