The Advice This Dad Gave To His Gay Son Back In 1950s Was Ahead Of Its Time

This dad is a saint!

How do you tell your parents that you're gay?

Nowadays, we can witness all sorts of coming out stories — from viral videos, to documentary photo series, to brilliant yearbook quotes ... the list is nearly endless.

But what about the olden days? The days when homosexuality was not only frowned upon, but still punished with persecution and even imprisonment. 

This man's coming out story shows it's not about the date on your calendar, but the people around you and their ability to love you as you are.


The story goes back to the 1950s, when Patrick Haggerty was growing up on a dairy farm in Dry Creek, Wash.

In an animated short for StoryCorps, Haggerty recalls the day the cat came out of the bag. 

It all started with his oldest brother taking Patrick to perform at a school assembly. On his way, Patrick applied glitter and lipstick to his face — or as he told his brother, "put on his costume."

After dropping Patrick off, his brother called up their dad and told him to rush to the school.

Patrick's brother was worried about the consequences his sibling's glitzy, unusual costume will cause. 

But when Patrick saw his dad show up in dirty overalls with cow crap on his boots, he couldn't have been more ashamed.

On the way back home, Patrick snapped at his father for embarrassing him. Little did he know Mr. Haggerty would teach him something he'd never forget.

Watch the full video to find out what Patrick's dad told him that changed his life forever:


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