Store Manager Defends Customers Reportedly Being Harassed For Not Speaking English

"That language is not allowed in this store... You’re not welcome here."

It can be difficult to form a rapid response when you see others being harassed for their race, ethnicity, religion, or really any other distinguishable characteristic, but when one store manager in Los Angeles witnessed two of her customers being allegedly berated by a woman for simply speaking another language, she knew exactly what to do. The quick-thinking manager swiftly and decisively had the offender removed from her store.


Per Good, the tense interaction occurred back in January when a man named Thanasi Papoulias was waiting on line at his local market with his wife, Sophia Antonopoulos-Papoulias. The couple was speaking Greek to one another, which, according to Thanasi, annoyed the woman in line behind them. 

In recounting the experience on Facebook, Thanasi explained, "Out of nowhere this lady behind us decides to give us a modern history lesson and tells us, "Speak F*@king English, this is America." 

When the couple responded to the woman in perfect English no less, Thanssi says she grew more agitated. "She demonstrated her well-versed use of the English language by using every swear word to describe us and how we don't belong here," Thanasi added. "Imagine if we were with our kids."

Though the accompanying video (which Thanasi says captured the "tail-end" of the interaction) shows the husband and wife team handled the interaction fine on their own, it's what happened next that was truly heartening.

As you can see in the video, a woman who identifies herself as the manager quickly comes over and promptly but politely asks the harasser to leave. "That language is not allowed in this store," the manager can be heard saying. "You're not welcome here."

For Thanasi and his wife, the manager's actions spoke volumes, and they decided to do a good deed for the manager in return...


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