Brutally Honest Campaign Invites Women To 'Stop The Beauty Madness'

Will beauty save the world?

Beauty will save the world.

You've probably seen this quote in the media, attached to some beauty pageant slogan, makeup ad or fashion editorial. To the image of a girl who has a photoshopped thigh gap or the one who manifests beauty by revealing her body instead of her brain. But is it this beauty that's going to save us?

Self-proclaimed social change artist Robin Rice is questioning this notion in her gut-wrenchingly honest campaign "Stop The Beauty Madness."


Rice has created a series of advertisements that address the "ugly truths hidden in our culture and our own minds." In other words, these images serve as a daring reminder that our perceptions of beauty and self-esteem are often based on impossible standards forced by media and society. 

"Enough of the impossible standards. Enough of the "ideal" image. Most of all, enough of the feeling of NOT ENOUGH when it comes to your own beauty. We are determined to Stop The Beauty Madness in our ourselves, our mothers, our sisters and our daughters," Robin writes in her campaign statement.

"Stop The Beauty Madness" campaign features 25 images with shockingly blunt messages targeted towards various issues: from weight to race, to age, etc. According to Rice, "it's about strong words that reveal the ideas that need to be seen for what they are."

All of the ads are composed from stock photos. According to Rice, it was done purposely because she wanted to show exactly "what's out there."

"There's not lot of stock photos of African-American women compared to white women. There's not a lot of edgy photographs of women. There were countless pictures of women on scales trying to lose weight. That shapes our conversation," she told Huffington Post.

As per Shape, Rice says she doesn't want to dictate what people should feel when they see her ads. They are here to start the conversation in hope that women will be inspired enough to continue it.

You can find out more about "Stop The Beauty Madness" campaign by checking their website. Also, read more about Robin Rice and her other projects here.

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