This Mom's Photo Series Is The Perfect Response To People Who Buy Into Gender Stereotypes

#StillABoy and #StillAGirl.

As the owner of Quirkie Kids, a clothing company that makes gender neutral T-shirts for kids, Martine Zoer received numerous emails from people who accused her of "trying to rob kids of their gender."

Zoer, who is also a mother, brilliantly responded by creating two incredible photo series ("#StillABoy" and "#StillAGirl") that show children having fun, unburdened by gender roles.

"I am so excited to share these beautiful images with the world," Zoer wrote to A Plus. "Pics of boys being gentle. Boys playing quietly. Boys holding hands. Boys playing with dolls. Boys nurturing pets and siblings. And yes, pics of girls playing with dinosaurs. Girls with dirty feet. Girls stomping in puddles. Girls climbing trees. Girls being fearless. And the list goes on."

Here are 17 photos that prove that kids think beyond gender roles.


1. A boy who likes to match is #StillABoy.

Image by @maddjapp. 

2. A girl who is fearless is #StillAGirl.

Image by @alinarostphoto.

3. A boy with long hair is #StillABoy.

Image by @clubdinein.

4. A girl who competes is #StillAGirl.

Image by @tianios.

5. A boy with painted nails is #StillABoy.

Image by @lwsdunn.

6. A girl who likes princesses AND pirates is #StillAGirl.

Image by @threelittle_ones. 

7. A boy who is kind is #StillABoy.

Image by @runwild__mychild. 

8. A girl who likes insects is #StillAGirl.

Image by @missaharajh.

9. A boy who rocks pink shades is #StillABoy.

Image by @naj_oo. 

10. A girl who likes dinos is #StillAGirl.

Image by @c.blincoeimages. 

11. A boy who plays dress up is #StillABoy.

Image by @mizpotatohed. 

12. A girl who likes science is #StillAGirl.

Image by @littleseedsfarmschool. 

13. A boy who likes flowers is #StillABoy.

Image by @naj_oo. 

14. A girl who loves Vader is #StillAGirl.

Image by @guerreiroclaudia.

15. A boy who holds hands is #StillABoy.

Image by @restingroost.

16. A girl who plays with sticks is #StillAGirl.

Image by @frankiebear. 

17. A boy who is sweet is #StillABoy.

Image by @jarahillphoto.


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