Rock 'n' Roll Couple Hits Vegas To Have An "Un-Wedding" And It's Absolutely Jaw-Dropping

Rock 'n' roll, baby.

Whether you're a Mason-jars or champagne-flutes type of a person, your wedding day is all about making it memorable. Whatever your definition of memorable might be.

Well, Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastien Fougere, the bloggers behind Sticks and Stones Agency, decided to throw what they call an "un-wedding." And the two have gorgeous Rock 'n' Roll photos to prove it.

"We had both been married before, so initially we actually planned never to get married," Ainsley explained to A+. "A few years on, we decided we did want to take that step, but we wanted it to be for us and not a room full of people. So we eloped to Vegas and brought our photographer friend with us to capture a day of weird sh** in the lead up to the Elvis ceremony and also the aftermath."

Trust us, this is so Pinterest material.


Ainsley and Sebastien met six years ago in a small coastal town in Queensland, Australia, at an organic cafe. Sebastien had recently moved from Canada and Ainsley spotted him from a mile away. 

"It was love at first site," she told A+. 

For their "un-wedding day" these lovebirds jetted out to Vegas. They figured it would be super fun to go to a place where "the rules are kinda blurry."

The couple spent the morning of their special day driving around in a hired convertible car, snapping photos and creating clouds of colors using smoke bombs.

"We had to be at the chapel by 2:45 pm sharp or we would miss our 30 min slot, but we were having way too much fun to keep time," Ainsley told A+. "We realized we would be late by the time we were stuck in heavy traffic on the chapel strip. So Sebastien and I jumped out of the car and ran for it. Our photographer managed to keep up with us and snap pics along the way. The whole thing felt like a movie."

"We managed to make it just on time, although the receptionist almost turned us away when she heard my incredibly high pitched laugh on arrival."

To mark their "un-wedding" wedding, Ainsley and Sebastian ended up heading to a local tattoo salon, where they got heart-shaped matching tattoos. 

Well, if not on your wedding day in Vegas then when?

If you don't have a wedding inspirations board on Pinterest, these photos might be just the right reason to create one. We're about to pin each and every one of these.

Rock 'n' roll and heaps of love.

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