This Short Film Will Shock You, But It Will Open Your Eyes To The Harsh Realities Of Bullying

A gut-wrenching short film.

English Filmmaker Conor Chalk wrote and directed "Sticks and Stones" as a college project three years ago, but its message about the effects of bullying is timeless: Perhaps more pertinent than ever, given the mounting evidence linking bullying with suicide, and the grim statistic that 83% of girls and 79% of boys report being bullied.


The film's power lies in its raw, emotional honesty.

The first person narrative paints a portrait of a young girl who has been simply worn down by the loneliness, and the unspeakable pain, that accompanies being bullied. 

Her final act is shocking, heartbreaking, and although fictionalized, a reality that far too many children and their families will face until the problem of bullying is taken seriously by those who have the power to enact change.

For now, we can spread awareness.

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