Your Favorite Celebs Reimagined As 19th Century Russian Officials Will Give You The Hots

Handle with caution.

Back in the early 1800s, when English artist George Dawe was commissioned to make 329 portraits of Russian generals, the sole plan was to hang them on gallery walls where generations of art lovers could marvel at their beauty for centuries to come.

However, 200 years later, someone had a different idea.

Digital artist Steve Payne decided to tweak Dawe's works and make it a little bit more relatable. So he swapped the Russian generals' heads with some of today's most iconic faces — everyone from Leo DiCaprio to Donald Trump.

Payne also runs an online store ReplaceFace full of accessories so if you'd like a pillow or a peculiar looking coffee mug with Mr. T's face on it, you're settled.

As for now, check out some of our favorite mash-ups below:


Leonardo DiCaprio


Morgan Freeman

Robin Williams

Brad Pitt

Elvis Presley

Barack Obama

Bill Murray

Sir Ian McKellen

Bob Marley

Alan Rickman

Donald Trump

Mr. T

Arnold Schwarzenegger


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