Why Steve Buscemi Is The Real 'Christian Grey' Of Fifty Shades

We're sensing a blockbuster.

Steve Buscemi is like bacon. He makes everything better.


Everyone's hyped about the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" premiere on Valentine's Day. Since the book first hit the scene, it's been surrounded by controversy. Some super excited fans will be lining up to see the film adaptation, while others detest the whole premise of it.

One of the many early points of contention was the matter of who should be cast as the film's iconic (and sadistic) lead.

Fans debated over their preferred stars, offering for consideration actors like Matt Bomer and Ian Sommerhalder. Finally, it was announced that Charlie Hunnam would be starring as Mr. Grey. 

It didn't end there. The "Sons Of Anarchy" actor stunned the public by pulling out of the role. Suddenly, Hunnam was out and Jamie Dornan was in. The Irish actor was viewed skeptically at first, but eventually most warmed up to him.

In another twist,, days before the film premiered, the producers got cold feet and at the last minute edited Jamie Dornan out and replaced him with Steve Buscemi. 

Okay, that last part didn't happen at all. But there is this funny new "Fifty Shades" parody trailer from Boo Ya Pictures starring Steve Buscemi. He makes everything better. 

Introducing: "50 Shades of Buscemi."


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