Stereotype-Defying Couples That Beat The Odds Prove There's Someone Out There For Everyone

Love is in the air.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you are planning on spending the holiday alone, drowning in a carton of ice cream, listening to Celine Dion's "All By Myself" on repeat, wondering why nobody loves you, you can stop your moaning right now. 

Because though you haven't found your special person yet, you can take solace knowing there is someone out there for everyone — even you.

Just take a look at these couples that defy stereotypes or beat the odds to be reminded that love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, and that the world is a big place, filled with all different types of people and kinds of love. 

So put that ice cream away, and have a happy Valentine's Day! (Hey, that rhymes, sort of.)


This great-grandmother and her young lover

If you didn't already learn love knows no age from watching "Harold and Maude," it's time to take cues from Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool. 

Jones and McCool began a relationship in 2009 and have spent years together despite their staggering age difference. Jones is a call center worker from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in his 30s, while McCool is a great-grandmother already in her 90s. But the two enjoy each other's company and believe each brings something unique to their casual, open relationship. 

"Everyone is wired their own way," says Jones in the video above. "Some people are wired towards blondes, brunettes, big women, skinny women, various ethnicities. I'm wired toward older women." 

McCool, who had been single for almost four decades prior to her relationship with Jones, told Barcroft Media that Jones makes her feel wonderful and alive again. 

"Sometimes I feel like he's another son, until we hop in bed. Then I feel differently." 

To each his own. 

The tallest Brazilian teen and her 5-foot-4 beau

Now, here's a long distance relationship that works. How long is the distance (in height) between this couple exactly? 1 foot and 4 inches. 

Aspiring model Elisany da Cruz Silva holds the record for tallest teen in Brazil. The model suffers from gigantism due to a tumor on her pituitary gland, causing her to stand at an incredible 6-foot-8. 

She towers above most with her long, lean figure, but that didn't stop her from falling for Francinaldo da Silva who stands at just 5 feet 4 and  inches. Their difference in stature might catch the eye of passersby, but the happy couple don't seem to mind at all. 

The video above shows the couple when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend, but on March 29, 2014 in Salinopolis, Brazil, da Silva proposed. 

"I have always wanted to go out with a tall girl and she came and fitted into that perfectly," da Silva told Barcroft Media.

The world's tallest married couple

Anna Haining Swan and Martin Van Buren Bates met and toured in a circus together in 1871, and when they eventually married it was a match made in heaven

The very, very high heavens, that is — they were named the world's tallest couple by The Guinness Book of World Records.

It is believed Swan stood at an amazing 7 feet 11 inches, and weighed around 350 pounds at her peak, while Bates (known as the "Kentucky Giant") stood at 7 feet 9 inches and weighed 470 pounds. 

The world's smallest married couple

If only we could see the Bates couple stand next to these two. 

According to The Guinness Book of World Records, Brazilian couple Douglas Maistre Breger da Silva and Claudia Pereira Rocha hold the record for the world's smallest married couple. The husband is just 35 inches tall while the wife stands at 36 inches. 

The two have been happily married for 13 years, proving that they may be physically small, but their love is big. 

The couple that won the lottery twice... in one day

Having money problems is a top predictor of divorce, according to Kansas State University researcher Sonya Britt.

But married couple Angelo and Maria Gallina will never have that issue because they won the California lottery games twice in 2002.

They aren't the only happy duo to have won multiple times though. Virginia couple Calvin and Zatera Spencer won three times and Eugene, Sr. and his wife Adeline Angelo won the New York lotto twice, using the same numbers

But the Gallinas' two wins are particularly noteworthy because they happened on the same day, which means they beat odds of 1 in 24,000,000,000,000 according to SF Gate. They won both the Fantasy Five game $126,000, and the SuperLotto Plus $17 million, which was much more than Arkansas couple Stephen and Terri Weaver won on their one-day, two win draw in 2013.

But was it all luck for the Gallinas? The couple proudly told SF Gate they've spent about $124,000 over the years on lottery tickets. 

So maybe the key to a happy marriage is just buying lots and lots of lotto tickets and hoping for the best. 

These gay penguin couples

Same-sex couples in the animal kingdom are not particularly stereotype-defying, as naturalists have been recording homosexual behavior in animals since the 1700s. But we are including gay penguins on this list because who doesn't love penguins? Come on! 

Plus, they tend to have monogamous, long-lasting relationships, which is a feat regardless of if you are gay, straight, animal or human. So hurray to these gay penguins for beating the odds! 

To start, let's talk about Jumbs and Kermit — two male Humboldt penguins at Kent Zoo in England. After an egg was abandoned by its mother, zookeepers decided to let Jumbs and Kermit care for the egg and raise it through chickhood. Last year, park owner Tony Binskin told BBC News: "The two have so far proven to be two of the best penguin parents we have had yet."

And let's not forget Roy and Silo — these two male chinstrap penguins were exclusively together for six years at the Central Park Zoo in New York, before breaking up in 2004. They also successfully raised a chick. 

Harry and Pepper are the two male Magellanic penguins at the San Francisco Zoo. They also raised a chick and received national attention for their years of love and cohabitation. Sadly, the two broke up in 2009 over a lady penguin. Womp womp. 

This couple married for 81 years

We hear about people getting divorced or breaking up all the time, but this Kansas couple beat the odds in spectacular fashion. Alice and Dale Rockey hold the record for longest marriage in America. 

Now both 99 years old, the couple have been together for a whopping 81 years, and recently received a national award for the incredible length of their union. The two say they are still going strong. In the video above, a Fox news anchor asks Dale if he still loves his wife, to which he immediately replies "You're damn right." 

Alice Rockey also revealed the secret to keeping such a long, happy, healthy marriage to The Daily Mail. "I always let him have my way," she told the news outlet.  

There you have it: Always let your wife have her way. 

Bonus note: Bertie and Jessie Wood hold the record for oldest couple to get divorced. They were 98 years old when they decided to end their 36-year marriage, but the reason remains unknown. 

The most married woman in the world

And to top off the list, Linda Wolfe — the record holder for most married woman in the world. She proves there might not just be one person for you, but multiple. She also shows us  that even if we don't find the right person immediately, we can always try and try again. 

The Guinness Book of World Records states that Wolfe has been married 23 times to men that range from a musician to a plumber to a homeless man to a convict. 

Her last marriage was a publicity stunt. She married the world's most married man Glynn "Scotty" Wolfe, who sadly passed away in 1997.

So there you have it, there is someone out there for you. Or even as many as 23 people out there for you. 

Either way, stop your moaning on Valentine's Day and have a happy holiday! 

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