Stephen Curry Surprises A High School Basketball Team For A Quick Game, And Their Reactions Are All Of Us

Well, this is awesome.

From winning an NBA championship to karaoke-ing with James Corden, is there anything all-star Stephen Curry can't do? 

Now, in a new video for GQ magazine, Curry surprises a group of high school basketball players for a quick game of Horse. Per the game's rules, every time Curry sinks a shot the others can't, the other person collects a letter (and vice versa). When either party has all the letters in the word, they lose the game. 

But to make things more interesting, Curry's calling it a game of Sesquipedalian — so it might take a while. 

After arriving at the gym and completely shocking the team, the players start the game. Of course, Curry's skills are unmatched, but we love seeing him play while serving as a role model to these younger students. 

You can check it out in full below:



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