Forget The Fire Emoji: Now You Can Be Chef Curry With The MVP’s New Emoji App

This is exactly what we needed.

Normally when you and your friends are cooking and feel like total hotness, you send each other the fire emoji to express this.


Well, no more of that.

On Wednesday, NBA MVP Stephen Curry released a brand new app called StephMoji.

Now, you have the option of sending your friends this awesome animated emoji of Curry in a chef's hat instead.

Don't worry. There are plenty more options as well.

Even a dancing Riley Curry hitting the Nae Nae.

The app is available for $1.99 on iOS and the animated emojis also work on Instagram, per the description.

It also works seamlessly in your keyboard, so you don't have to constantly be switching back and forth. With all of these amazing options, that is certainly a great feature.

We can imagine how many of these bucket emojis are going to be sent during the finals.

You can see the full trailer for the new app below.


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