Stephen Curry Makes 77 Three-Point Shots In A Row At Practice


Stephen Curry of the The Golden State Warriors is giving all basketball stars a run for their money.


The Huffington Post reports that Curry hit 77 three-point shots at practice, and the player, "who is hands-down the best three-point shooter in the world right now, said that's the most consecutive threes he's ever made."

"These aren't free throws! There's are THREES!" a reporter says in the clip below.

And to top it all off, The Golden State Warriors' stats account on Twitter reported that Curry and Thompson finished the season with 525 combined threes, setting an NBA record for a duo.

"And more than 5 NBA teams hit all season."

It's no surprise that Curry is on everyone's radar to win the NBA's Most Valuable Player award this season.

In a report for CBS Sports, NBA Insider Ken Berger writes:

You'll note only one of the aforementioned men on my MVP red carpet can boast a top-three ranking in all three categories among these six candidates. And he's the same guy I've been intuitively leaning toward voting for over the past 2-3 months. Curry.

And Shaq says so too:

Look's like Curry's got quite a decent shot (pun intended).


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